Are you looking for Careran Travel Gear?

This is the place.  We have recently undergone a face lift.  Or, rather, we undid a face-lift. 

Our store origins are from a blog titled, "Allergic to Cold," which was first published in June 2012.  The blog provided informal, practical advice to anyone looking for more information about the rare and specific allergy cold urticaria.  As readership of the blog grew, our interactions with readers turned more and more towards products that helped cold urticaria allergy sufferers adapt their lives for comfort.  A small store was born.

Most of the products we recommend for cold urticaria are - by necessity - easily portable.  When looking to expand our customer base, we translated “easy portable” into “travel.”

But the truth is we don’t travel.  At least not very much because of the temperature-related restrictions.  And we felt that our message was getting diluted with the travel theme.

So we have returned to our roots.  We still love and use every product in our store.  We use them to adapt our life to make the most of living with allergy to cold.

Welcome.  If you are joining us for the first time or rediscovering us after the detour, we are so glad that you have found us here.