Allergic to Cold

Cold urticaria is a real medical condition that causes allergic reactions in cold temperatures, sometimes in warm temperatures (as the body sweats), and when the temperature changes suddenly (walking into an air-conditioned building or the freezer section of the grocery store).

Really? Allergic to Cold?

While not exactly common, cold urticaria is certainly not rare. Many people who experience an allergy to cold are not even aware that it happens. Oh, they know they are experiencing an allergic reaction, but they do not believe that something as common as temperature change could be causing it.

Cold Allergy. You sure?

Friends and relatives may not believe that you are allergic to cold. But allergy to cold is possible, cold urticaria is not uncommon, and cold allergy can be dangerous if left uncontrolled.

Allergic to Cold

This Allergic to Cold blog provides on-going information about the author’s cold allergy, and is meant to be an identification of your symptoms and not a substitute for medical advice. If you believe that you might have temperature related allergy, then you should consult with an experienced immunologist for a proper diagnosis.

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